A Case of G. A. S.

I’ve become afflicted with a condition known as “Gear Acquisition Syndrome.”  This is a common occurrence, recognized immediately among the guitar (and gun) owning community.

For decades, I was more than satisfied with two guitars: a 1971 Framus 12-string and a 1957 Gibson ES-225.  Now, within the span of a couple of months, my collection has grown to six.

guitar collection

Guitar Collection

From left to right:

The newest addition is the Les Paul.  The guitar I fell in love with the first moment I held and played it is the Stratocaster.  I may look to add a Telecaster as well, and maybe replace the Les Paul with a more traditional model.

“What’s a Pignose?” you may be asking.  Years ago, I bought a shoebox-sized practice amp that was powered by a 9-volt battery and had carrying strap buttons that enabled one to plug in and walk around while playing.  I loved that little amp, and still have it!

pignose amp

Power in a Piggy Pack


Note the on/off/volume knob is shaped like a pig’s snout, hence the name.

Well, when I learned Pignose offered a practice guitar with a built-in amp and speaker, I just knew I had to have one. I found several models on Amazon, and went for the Deluxe (which I think differs from other models in that it has a humbucking pickup). I’ve committed to practicing a minimum of five minutes every day, and this guitar has already gone with me on two trips, helping me accomplish my goal. I’m going to put some heavier gauge strings on it though, because I find it goes out of tune too easily.

It’s a good thing I’m single and don’t have a lot of debts.  🙂

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