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I first built the Music For A New Age web site in 1995.  At one time, it was the number one Google hit when “New Age Music” was the search criteria.

That was then, this is now.

I’ve let the site go catatonic, having found work, life and technology take priority.  So, I thought maybe it’s time to get modern.  With the latest and greatest software, I chose to turn my “first generation portal” into something a little more interactive. And personal.

The title of this blog comes from two of my primary interests: Running and politics.  I’ve been a runner for decades, and although I can tell my days of distance running are numbered, I still have a love for the activity, and hope to be running into my declining years. My interest in politics goes back to my childhood, growing up in a government service family, and my undergraduate studies in international relations.  I confess, that the current state of politics – American politics in particular – distresses me.  I think we’ve come so far from what the original framers intended that they wouldn’t recognize the country they birthed.  And many died to preserve.

So, I’ll be writing about things that interest me.  I have no intention of running for office; I served six years as a volunteer in a state-mandated organization and feel I’ve done my part for public service.  From here on in, I’ll be an observer, running FROM office!

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