The Times They Have A-Changed

One of the benefits of being single, employed and aging, is that one can pursue pastimes and interests without feeling guilt.  As I have posted here, I’ve re-engaged in my photography interest, have enjoyed traveling extensively, and started an interest in the shooting sport.

So, once again, the bug has bitten, and out of the depths and shadows, I’ve begun playing guitar again.  I taught myself to play guitar back when I was in high school, after feeling stifled that I had to go to the basement of my parents’ home to practice piano for eight years.  I paid my best friend $10 for a beat up old Kay (Sears brand) guitar that had a bit of a warped neck, but it was all I needed to be able to “carry my music around.”

In college, I bought a brand-new 12-string guitar, made by Framus.  I was in Germany at the time, so buying a local product was decidedly more cost-effective.  Several years later, I traded a co-worker a set of four stereo speakers for a 1957 Gibson ES-225.  I still have those guitars.

By my estimation, I played avidly for about 22 years.  Then, I broke my left elbow at my daughter’s fourth birthday party (that’s another story), and due to having my arm immobilized for several weeks, combined with feeling stagnant, put the guitars away.  And left them.  For nearly 30 years!

All of a sudden, I’ve pulled them out again.  I’ve dusted them off, changed the strings, and even took them to a luthier for some professional adjusting.  Thinking I would need to leave them for a bit, I purchased a new guitar, to be used as a “beater” (I hate that term; perhaps “carry-and-practice” works better).  It’s a Taylor, a brand I knew nothing about (FYI: they were founded in 1974 and are now the #1 manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the USA).

Searching for an appropriate “beater” guitar, I came across a site called Sweetwater.  Wow!  Photographs of the ACTUAL instrument (one can select among inventory), superb customer service and knowledge, and pretty soon, my order was in. Here are some of their photographs of MY guitar, which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow:

Big Baby Taylor-e Big Baby Taylor-e body Headstock
Gig bag
The guitar purchase includes a “gig bag,” a soft carry case used to tote it to “gigs.”  I may get a hard case, but I want to see how this one works out first.

I’ll post more after it’s arrived. I have a few other surprises in store, too!

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