I Sold A Photo!

Keanae Peninsula

On Tuesday I received an email from a woman whose email address I did not recognize.  She wrote, “I’m [at the exhibit] and interested in the canvas, Keanae Splash.  How much is it?”

She added that she and her family were visiting from out of town, and “it’s beautiful.”

I replied to her that I hadn’t posted prices on my photos as selling them wasn’t my primary intention.  But that I was open to discussion.  I calculated my cost of printing, mounting, shipping and taxes, added a percentage, and asked her if that was acceptable.  It was.  Deal done.  I asked her to write a check to the church, or to just pay the folks at the coffee shop, which is what she did.

The photo, above, is the piece she purchased.  It was an 11″ x 14″ canvas wrap (sans copyright watermark).  It was taken on my trip to Maui three years ago, and remains one of my favorites from that trip!

One nice thing about photography is that I can make another.  I ordered a replacement canvas from my original source, and it should be arriving today.  I’ll take it to the exhibit and hang it back in its original space, which right now is being occupied by another of my favorite shots.


I confess, I never thought anyone would be interested in buying a photo.  If someone likes one or more and compliments me on it, that’s an ego boost in itself.  But to actually pay for one with the idea of hanging it somewhere?  That’s just out of this world!

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