A Week Of Firsts

Okay, it’s time for a little chest-beating and peacock preening.  I can do this, of course, because this is my blog, and no one reads it, anyway.

I am happy to report that the past week saw two personal firsts. On Wednesday, August first, my first photography exhibit made its debut.  Fifteen pieces that I curated, had professionally printed, framed (except for the stretched canvas pieces) and mounted went on display at Ridgetop Coffee and Tea, a community gathering place, and a coffee shop in the old, traditional sense.  I had been asked as late as last winter if I would be interested in a show, and my time slot arrived.  The exhibit will go through the end of September.

Many of the photos in the show were taken last year during my photo tour of southern Utah.  I added a couple of others that I think represent my best work, and I have a few that I might rotate out/in as time passes.

Creating the labels for the photos was one of the hardest parts.  I finally found a template in Apple’s Pages page-layout program that worked with Avery labels, and from there it was easy.  I do not have prices listed on the photos, as it isn’t my intent to sell them, but I’ve said I will entertain discussion if it comes to that.

The other first of the week was my performance debut on stage playing guitar with the worship band at Riverside Presbyterian Church.  I credit the band with re-igniting my interest in guitar playing, so after chasing them for a while, and being frustrated by my schedule not permitting me to practice with them, that all changed when I stopped working at the running store.

A short back story:  The band/worship leader was recently burned in a grilling accident, suffering first and second degree burns over a lot of his body.  That put him out of commission for several weeks.  At the same time, one of our pastors is on sabbatical, and the other on a mission trip to Kenya, so church has been running short-staffed.  It was fortunate that I was able to step up to fill in for Sunday’s three services.  I had a ball!  I’m looking forward to doing it again.

One thought on “A Week Of Firsts

  1. James D. Fellows here: I saw your post today at fedora lounge of a guitar I made for Rita Lutkins back in 1977. I’d be curious to see more photos. Curiously, I was just in touch with a guy who bought the next guitar I made after this — from its original owner — in 2017. You can reach me at the email I left to post this reply. If you can’t see that you can easily find my phone number. I am still in Middletown, CT and ‘my landline’ is in the phone book. Please don’t throw the guitar away or give it to Goodwill!

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