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Having updated WordPress to the latest release, I figured it was time to add another “nothing burger” to this site.  Since no one reads it anyway, what the heck?

Lately, I’ve become acutely aware of my obsessive-compulsive nature due to my profligate acquisition of gear.  Last year it was guns, this year guitars.

In the span of a couple of weeks, I’ve purchased two guitars.  Heck, I’ve purchased 12 guitars in the past six months!

The latest, being wrapped and shipped as I write this, is a 2006 Fender Custom Shop Robin Trower Stratocaster, autographed by Trower himself.

Recently, I tripped over a gorgeous 50th anniversary Stratocaster, made in Mexico (MIM).

I had a slight issue with this one.  The bottom E and A strings sounded “overdriven” when I played the instrument, so I took to to Melodee Music in Sterling, Virginia, where Chris, the savvy guitar tech, took a screwdriver and adjusted the neck pickup height.  Told to “plug it in” and see if that fixed it, I there and then fell in love all over again.  Thanks, Chris!

Now my guitar collection numbers 14.  I’m doing my taxes now, and unless I’m overlooked something, I suspect I’ll have a refund sufficient to cover #15.  And a Fender Deluxe Reverb 1968 Re-Issue, as well!













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