Oct 02, 2007

It took me longer than I'd wished to re-connect to my web server (there's a thing about expiring passwords and such...) so today is the actual day of re-introducing this web site. Also, please take note of the following:

Oct 01, 2007

At long last! Today marks the unveiling of the brand new look and feel of MFNA.org. I hope you like it. I've waited far too long to update the site, so I'm asking anyone who has/had/wants a link posted on this site to contact me with updated info. Thanks!

Sep 29, 2007

Just started putting together the new "look and feel" of the web site.

Music For A New Age

Alas, it's unfortunate that some marketing types coined the term "new age" to describe a form of music that, by its very nature, defies definition. After all, when you combine the modern-day sounds of electronic synthesizers with the droning of the ancient Aboriginal didgeridoo, what are you going to call it? Hence the term, "New Age." The long-term affect of this appellation has been derision and confusion; many people believe that New Age music is meant only to be listened to during meditation, mudbaths, or mystic activities. And while any of these activities may be appropriate for this type of music, it is my belief that music should be enjoyed for its value to the listener, whatever that may be.

Without further ado, then, I present a collection of links to sites on the Net that embrace the type of music I enjoy; music for a New Age.


I started this site in 1995 as a way to teach myself HTML. At the time, I had begun to take interest not only in the nascent Worldwide Web, but in the expanding universe of contemporary music. I had grown tired of the monotonous and repetitive nature of "pop," "rock" and other forms of modern music, and started to focus more on contemplative and meditative types of music.

At the same time, in what was perhaps a form of mid-life crisis, I changed many other aspects of my life; I gave up smoking, drinking alcohol and began eating healthier and exercising more (I have since run four marathons!). The new forms of music I was being exposed to added luster to my life and expanded my horizons immeasurably.

My web site was built to share my interest in this music. However, life began to get in the way, and my upkeep began to slip. And slip. And slip. But it never went away. In one form or another, this site has been online since June 19, 1995. I have "owned" the mfna.org domain for ten years!


As the Internet has evolved, and the worldwide web matured, my HTML efforts have gotten stale and outdated. I have availed myself of some CSS templates (see the link at the bottom of the page) and am working to "modernize" the site. This means the site will be in flux for a while.

I am also going through the links I had in my previous version. Many of them are now dead or have been transferred to non-music sites. It will take a while to clean these up as well. Please contact me if you have a link you want added, have information to update, or just want to make a suggestion to better the site.